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Why you should choose Eleven Ace? – The best platform for 11 plus preparation


We are an online- platform with section-wise tests, exams, and national-level mock competitions that help students to get familiar with the question types and difficulty level of the actual examination. We consider ourselves best for a few reasons!

Performance Analytics

Unlike the pile of books, you bought for your kids, we are not a use-once product. Being online, we offer excellent analytics. By not printing, we contribute to saving the planet and provide you with the advantage of it. You can view

  • Your score analytics
  • Average score analytics
  • Overall Rank
  • Gender Rank

You can understand various things like

  • How has the average score moved based on test difficulty?
  • How has your performance varied?
  • What topics need to be revised again?


We know the pain of buying books each costing £20-£50, but we provide a whole month of subscription at £20. Can’t believe it? Well, it’s true. We understand the amount of stress a parent and student undergo in the process of 11 plus, we don’t want to make it harder for you.

Year 3, 4 & 5

The ideal time to start preparing is before 2 years as it prepares the child at a pace that works for them. With not much experience in writing exams, let alone a competitive exam, 11 plus can easily grow into a serious concern. And that is why we are providing material carefully designed to suit their age, growth, understanding, and development. practise at your own pace!


Eleven Ace is the easiest and most efficient way to prepare for 11 plus. With Eleven Ace you can now,

  • Practise tests on your phone or tablet or desktop;
  • Have test analytics on your fingertips with gender rank and overall rank
  • Share your results with teachers and parents/guardians

Unique & Simple

“It’s also interactive, interesting, and challenging”, says Daniel, our 11-plus achiever.

We ensure that the student understands concepts in the simplest manner possible: by making them relevant for them!

Mock tests that are real

Mock tests are designed to help you practise under timed conditions so that you can understand the question types and difficulty level of your upcoming examinations.

Mock tests are also very useful in helping you prepare for the actual examination, as they give real-time feedback on how well or poorly you have understood each question. This helps improve your score with continued practise and transparency.

Feed hungry children

We love children, and it hurts us that some students are less fortunate than others. That is why we are doing our part, by feeding the children every time your child practises more questions. This way your child is directly feeding many hungry children all around the world.

As a parent, you understand the need for teaching your child the importance of having empathy and sharing. This is the perfect opportunity designed to benefit your child by learning more and feeding more.

Eleven Ace is here to help you ace your 11-plus examinations.

Eleven Ace is an online platform that helps students to prepare for 11 plus. It provides a holistic approach to all aspects of this exam and helps students in their preparation efforts by providing easy access to relevant information on various topics related to the syllabus.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to get started with Eleven Ace today! You can sign-up for a ton of free resources and move to a paid plan when ready. If you have questions, you can also drop an email to


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