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Your Child's 11 Plus Preparation Trajectory – in a Click! 

  • Our AI-driven online 11 plus preparation platform gives regular progress reports.
  • Know your child's strong and weak areas in every eleven plus subject and topic.
  • You can easily view your child’s progress at the website.

  • Performance metrics
  • Multiple child accounts
  • Real time evaluation
  • Report cards
  • Leader Boards
  • Skills inspector

Learning with a Purpose

Children learn faster and better when there is a sense of purpose. Every correct answer here is a step towards feeding a hungry child. Our dashboard shows how many children you have fed by practising on our platform. The more you practise, the more we donate on your behalf.

Let’s fight hunger together !

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eleven plus 2500 Children are fed this month

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Systematic 11 Plus Practice with ElevenAce

Our assessments and 11 plus mock exams give a real-time feel of the exam.

Thousands of questions in each English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Comprehension.

Helps your child discover their weak areas in 11 plus curriculum and work on them.

  • Fun to learn
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • See score instantly
  • Try till you get right
  • Learn independently
  • Subject Specific Reports

Eleven Ace for Eleven Plus Educators

Eleven Ace has developed an all-encompassing 11 plus preparation platform that enables educators to provide comprehensive,meaningful, and result-oriented classes. Educators can access the best and updated English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ exam resources. Enhance your efficiency and help your students excel. Contact us for more information.

11 plus comprehension educators



This is so far the best resource I have seen!



Highly recommended for 11 plus online mock exams.



The interfaces are user friendly, and the quality of content is appreciable.



The resources are much helpful for Woodford County High School for Girls 11 plus examinations.

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