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How Eleven Ace Works?

We at Eleven Ace understand the importance of personalised support and effective learning strategies.

Personal Support

Tailored guidance to address individual needs.

Progress Tracking

Real-time monitoring of your child's development.

Tailored Learning

Customised lessons to maximise your child's potential.

What a Lesson Looks Like:

Explore our finely tailored sessions for a better grasp of your subjects.

Warm-Up and Review

Review key concepts to establish the foundation for the current session.

Introduction to New Topic

Engage with exciting new concepts.

Interactive Learning

Dive deep with hands-on activities.

Independent Practice

Strengthen skills through tutor-guided exercises.

Review and Wrap Up

Consolidate knowledge for retention.

Homework and Assignments

Reinforce learning with structured tasks.

What Our Customers Say About Eleven Ace

Join the cohort of satisfied parents and students who have experienced success in their 11 Plus preparation with Eleven Ace.



"This is so far the best resource I have seen!"



"Highly recommended for 11 plus online mock exams."



"The interfaces are user friendly, and the quality of content is appreciable."



"The resources are much helpful for Woodford County High School for Girls 11 plus examinations."

All About 11+

Navigating 11+ Exams: A Roadmap to Exam Brilliance

Subjects Covered

  • English (comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and creative writing)
  • Mathematics (mathematical concepts and reasoning),
  • Verbal Reasoning (understanding and manipulating information presented in words),
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning (spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and logical reasoning).
  • These assessments collectively evaluate a student’s academic proficiency, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Pass Mark

  • The pass mark for 11 Plus exams varies based on the conducting institution.
  • These exams aim to identify students with a specific academic aptitude for selective school admissions.
  • The pass mark is determined by overall candidate performance, and specific criteria are typically provided in advance by the relevant exam board or educational institution.
  • Candidates should familiarize themselves with these criteria to tailor their preparation effectively.

Your Child's 11 Plus Preparation Trajectory – In a Click!

  • Our AI-driven online 11 plus preparation platform gives regular progress reports
  • Know your child's strong and weak areas in every eleven plus subject and topic
  • You can easily view your child’s progress on the website
  • Performance metrics
  • Single child account
  • Real time evaluation
  • Report cards
  • Leader Boards
  • Skills inspector