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The best thing about Eleven Ace is their extensive support! They focus on delivering value - they had multiple preparatory sessions with my son for free! He is constantly motivated to prepare because of that!

Abdul Parent of Ilyas

My daughter Rahel enjoyed her 11+ tuition classes with Eleven Ace especially for English! She got really good score for all her tests. The mock tests she did also helped her to improve her confidence for her exams. My son is also finding his Coding sessions advantageous. Would recommend Eleven Ace to all !

Babee Daniel Parent of Rahel

We were facing lot of issues with 11+ as we were new to the UK! But Eleven Ace provided complete support with learning materials, subject-wise 1:1 tutoring, mentoring sessions, etc. Really helped my daughter clear 11+! Life Saver!

Tara Parent of Rohit Singh

About Us

Just like many parents across the UK, we were faced with an overwhelming sea of online resources for Eleven Plus preparation. Amidst this maze, we encountered a common challenge shared by numerous parents: finding a trustworthy and comprehensive platform that would effectively guide our children through the exam preparation journey. We sought a solution that would surpass the traditional tutoring approach in both effectiveness and affordability.

Eleven Ace was born – a holistic hub for Eleven Plus preparation. Our journey began with Eleven Ace Academy, focused on the 11 Plus examination, and has since evolved to encompass a diverse range of courses, including Code Ace, IGCSE, and Primary School studies. We’ve even introduced an engaging gaming platform, all paired seamlessly with our tuition services.

We are known for our support. You can reach out to us via WhatsApp +44 7918 493197 or via email