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Children's Course

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06-02-2023 5:00 pm Virtual

Creative writing in 4 sessions

Ignite your creativity through transformative courses.

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13-02-2023 5:00 pm Virtual

Vedic Maths in 4 sessions

Discover the power of Vedic Maths for quick and efficient calculations.

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20-02-2023 5:00 pm Virtual

Abacus math in 4 sessions

Unlock the potential of mental math with the ancient tool of Abacus.

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28-02-2024 5:00 PM Virtual

Vocabulary Quick Quiz

Verbal Reasoning Quick Quiz: Test Your Skills in Just 10 Minutes!

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Benefits of taking our course

Experienced Teachers

Expert teachers guiding your learning journey for a transformative experience.

Tasks and assignments

Dynamic tasks and assignments for interactive learning and enhancement.

Cost Efficient

Affordable rates for quality education that fits your budget.

Crash Courses

Accelerated learning with focused crash courses for rapid skill development.